11 Money Box

The Christow contributions box is one of the tool boxes which used to sit on the side tanks of “Metro” 2-4-0T No. 3587, turned out of Wolverhampton in 1898.

This was shedded at Newton Abbot from about 1938 and was withdrawn in 1944. The scout found the box years ago by the sand-drying oven in the old running shed. The number could just be made out on the lid.

It’s just about to go for blasting and spraying after repairs to the riveted seams, which were bursting in places. The fellow who made it would have been fascinated to see an electric welder at work.

Under the lid when it was found were quite large areas of green paint, possibly from when it was new. These have mostly flaked off and will soon be lost altogether. There can’t be many examples of original paintwork left.

The loco tool box returned to its place on the wall by the public footpath crossing.
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