8 Tank Trap

Mysterious concrete pillars beside the line on either side of Axminster are noticed only by a few. They were part of the defensive line which stretched from Seaton to Burnham, one of many across the country which were built at the beginning of World War II, designed to hamper the advance of an invasion force.

Photographed by the scout through the hopper window of a D.M.U., this is one of a pair which would have obstructed wheeled or tracked vehicles advancing along the railway. A pair was installed on either side of the River Axe Bridge to the west of Axminster. The beams or rails which would have been placed in the slots when the order came must have lain ready nearby.
It has acquired a datum plate, so the track authority obviously classes it as an immovable object.

The stills below have been clipped from a film shot from the cab of a Class 50 between Exeter and Salisbury. The former double line has since been reinstated past the traps as part of Axminster’s “dynamic loop.”

The scout’s favourite kind of trap can be found on sections of Bristol’s guided busway.

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