St. Pinnock and Largin

On a ride between Liskeard and Bodmin in September, 2012, the scout stopped to look at the two magnificent viaducts which span side valleys of the River Fowey.

St. Pinnock Viaduct can be viewed from the Trago Mills shopping centre, which started from an old gunpowder works.

The Brunellian viaduct was one of the many on the Cornwall Railway with spans supported by timbers fanning from the tops of masonry piers. The piers were raised from their original height in 1882 to carry new steel girders.
The line over both viaducts was singled in 1964 to ensure that only one train could load them. They are now Grade II listed. +
The 1882 work is again clearly seen. +
It is perhaps a good thing that passengers do not see the underside of the spans. +

The Launceston Branch and Walkham Viaduct on the main pages mentions St. Pinnock.

Bits that have been dropped from or fallen off the viaduct lie beneath it.
The scout followed a path which led beneath this accommodation underbridge just to the west of Largin Viaduct.
The viaduct seen from the Iron Age Largin Castle. +
Most of the photographers, who think nothing of driving miles to snap their boring, repetitive subjects, choose the spot on the other side of the valley easily accessible from the lane which passes beneath Bodithiel Bridge. +
The singled Cornwall main line. +
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