92 Chulmleigh

To add interest to the spring, 2023, North Devon ride, a detour was made via Chulmleigh.

Through traffic passes between the two bridges on a one-way system. Traffic from North Devon follows the turnpike across Bassets Bridge, while traffic going the other way crosses the light-controlled, alternate direction Copplestone Bridge and turns right off the Okehampton turnpike to follow a new road. This the scout had always taken to be a modern provision but in fact it is shown on early surveys and must have been made at the same time as the railway.

For a change, the scout did not turn to follow the short byway to Chenson Bridge, but stopped at Chenson No. 3 crossing to take this view Up the line. The turnpike would once have been in full view, close by the left of the line.

Not a mile from Eggesford, the scout turned at Ford Moor Cross and followed the lane to Chawleigh Week and then the byway, Chawleigh Week Hill, to the Little River Dart.

It being midday-meal time, the scout had a quick ride around the village and then settled on a bench at the meeting of Fore Street, South Molton Street, East Street and New Street, where he ate his lunch bought from the shop opposite, while watching, as is his wont, the comings and goings. He was surprised to see a signpost at the crossroads pointing to Dulverton, 18 miles distant.

Vicars Stalls, thought to be late 15th Century, was most deserving of a photograph, the scout thought, as he explored the village after lunch.
Beyond is the B3137 to Dulverton. +
The scout left Chulmleigh by way of South Molton Street and then turned for Colleton Mills, where he went to look at the river diversion before continuing to Barnstaple. +
The former course being prepared for the river’s diversion away from the railway in the summer of 2017.
Taken from Rail Engineer, January, 2018.
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