37 Proof that the Teign Valley is set to reopen

A new 11kV overhead line was installed a few years ago across the Teign Valley formation at Horrowmore Farm, between Longdown and Christow. Strangely, it was done as if the railway had been still there or it were intended to put it back, and Network Rail staff were on site, demanding the usual precautions, like extensive earth matting around the poles positioned outside the former boundaries.

It may be that a legal document was found in Western Power Distribution’s files that required the permission of the railway authority be obtained. Was it that Western Power couldn’t take it as being obsolete and that Network Rail, when consulted, didn’t have the sense to waive it?

No explanation of this has so far been unearthed by the scout, who will continue with his enquiries.

The construction of the Exeter Railway between the main line junction and Christow involved massive earthworks, but in several places it is only a “contour” line, as here, making little impression on the ground.
Access courtesy of Mr. C. Eden.
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