Redlake Tramway

On 31st May, 2018, a small party of enthusiasts left Ivybridge Station in the Dartmoor National Park utilicon for a journey along the Redlake Tramway.

Ranger for the area, Ella Briens, had kindly agreed to the Teign Valley’s request that some chaps, who were no longer able to walk the distance, be taken along the course of the line.

The scout saw them off from Ivybridge and then climbed to Western Beacon to await the return of the special.

Seen from the old A38, the National Park utilicon starts its climb from the Cantrell terminus. Western Beacon, the southernmost point of Dartmoor is at right. +

The approach to the Redlake is impassable to vehicles, even to those with four-wheel drive, and so the special had to stop short of the terminus.

A collection was made at Ivybridge and £50 was sent to the National Park, which Miss. Briens chose to allocate to the authority’s Wildlife Fund.

A request was sent to the ranger responsible for Rattlebrook, asking if a similar excursion be made along the tramway, but this was never answered.

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