Pilning High Level

A thirty-mile cyclo-ramble around Bristol on 29th July, 2017, took in the harbour, Clifton Down, Severn Beach, New Passage, Cross Hands, Pilning (Low Level), Pilning (High Level), Filton Abbey Wood, North Filton Platform, Charlton Halt, Henbury, Hallen Halt, Sea Mills and Hotmills.

From Pilning, the scout caught one of its two “parliamentary” trains of the week. He was the only passenger boarding but three chaps detrained and promptly took photos, suggesting that they were enthusiasts of a sort.

The march of the “catenary” is long past Pilning. The footbridge had been taken away in November to avoid having to raise it. Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways claim that this saved c. £650,000 but a scheme to replace it now would have to start from scratch and go through Network Rail’s G.R.I.P., meaning that a new bridge would cost c. £5-million.

Amazingly, the friends group has posted ideas for days out from the station, evenm though it’s impossible to get back by train. A determined soul would catch the first one and return via Severn Tunnel Junction. +
The carriage chute used for the early “Motorail” service through Severn Tunnel. This continued until 1966, when the first Severn Bridge opened.
Network Rail has an electrification works compound here.
Campaigners have been allowed to make their protest on the Down platform, disused since November. +

Despite being reduced to one platform, served by two trains on Saturdays only, the station has a user group which campaigns strongly for a better service; it could hardly get any worse.

The resourceful Olga Taylor has published these videos in an effort to embarrass the authorities.

A Song for Pilning and Imagine (Pilning Station)

Canopy & Stars at Crane 29 on the Bristol harbourside.
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